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Happy Birthday to the most inspiring, hardest working, and graceful gymnast I have ever seen.

The girl with fearless eyes Alia Mustafina becomes world champion, despite the circumstances

Another excellent interview from Aliya Mustafina’s official website.

Aliya Mustafina: Don't call me the next Khorkina

A wonderful interview from Aliya Mustafina’s official website.

This video shows a news broadcast which has a segment on Aliya Mustafina. This video was also translated with english captions. Special thanks to DanyZ2012 from youtube.

This is a great montage displaying multiple competitions that Aliya competed in. Special thanks to Chris Saccullo from youtube. 

This is an outstanding video about what it takes to be a true champion. Special thanks to PatriciaaOliveiraa from youtube.

This is an excellent video of an interview with Aliya Mustafina. Special thanks to razladoshka from youtube.

This is a video that really manages to some up all the hard work and effort that Aliya put into her gymnastics to make it to the London Olympics. Special thanks to manongse from youtube.

An amazing montage of Aliya! Special thanks to ILJASmAgLyUkOv9 from youtube.

Aliya Mustafina investigating her new Audi. Good job Aliya you earned this!